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TUEBL – The Ultimate eBook Library

Um, hi.

So, something remarkable happened to me today and I really wanted to share it with everyone. This thing that happened to me is called TUEBL. The Ultimate eBook Library. And dang, friends, is it cool.

Now, I’m a huge fan of literature in all forms. I love visiting the library and bringing home those physical copies, but since working in school and public libraries, I’ve developed a serious love for eBooks and audiobooks, as well. So long as people are reading (and I have something interesting to read), I’m a happy camper.

The best thing about digital media, though, is how accessible it is. I worked for a branch that, before its renovation, had once been nothing more than a bookmobile. Aside from a video store, a school, a grocery store, and a few restaurants, there wasn’t much to this place, so the library was a wellspring of entertainment and resources. The point being, it’s easy for me to think of a place where the closest library is 20 miles away. Free resources are great, but only great for those who can get to them. In the digital age, all it takes is an Internet connection to have the world at your fingertips.

And TUEBL makes it even easier.

I love OverDrive, but it requires a library membership. TUEBL makes countless eBooks available for free – and it’s entirely legitimate. As authors realise they can improve readership by making their books available to a curious audience that may not be willing to commit to a purchase, they are seeking new ways to offer the fruits of their labour. So they partner with TUEBL. eBooks for free in exchange for a greater reach, analytics, and user feedback. It’s the kind of rare sweet deal that really benefits everyone involved.

So have a look for yourself, give it a try. Share the good news with a friend. And let’s hope these mutually-beneficial relationships continue to blossom. Sometimes we can lose the wonder of creating new worlds and telling beautiful stories when we’re too focused on making $2.50 on a Kindle sale.

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Blogging for Books

If you love to blog and you love to read, there is a program out there calling your name:

Blogging for Books.

Whether you’re into fiction or non-fiction, this new service created by Crown Publishing Group (a division of Penguin Random House) wants to give you free books (available either as an eBook or a physical copy– physical copies only for US residents) to read and review on YOUR blog. Yes, that’s right: FREE books delivered to your door or your eReader for your reading pleasure.

You don’t even have to pay for shipping.

Simply visit the site, sign up, enter your information, answer a few questions, and just like that you’re ready to review.

Using Klout, Blogging for Books also pushes special offers and gives you greater access to more books based on your score. The higher your Klout score, the more choices you’ll have. (If you don’t already utilize Klout to keep your networks organized and constantly publishing content, I highly recommend it!)

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. The most the program asks of you is to give honest reviews, and to add a bit on each post explaining that you’ve received the book from Blogging for Books as a review copy.

Bonus points if you work for a media outlet, retailer, library, ministry, or church. Indicate in your application that you’re a part of one of these organizations and you immediately become a “Blogging for Books Partner.” No need to even write a review on your blog if you don’t feel inclined– simply let the publisher know what you thought of the book.

My first book pick is on its way as I write this, but I couldn’t wait to share. Keep an eye out for my first review to come soon, and be sure to let your blogging buddies know, too!

Spread the love, and write on!

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