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After working in libraries– school and public –for the better part of five years, I’ve finally decided to pursue my true passion: story-telling.

I’ve loved to read and write since I was very young, have had creative and academic pieces of mine held by teachers and professors to show to future classes, have been told by friends, mentors, family, and strangers alike that I simply must pursue my dream of writing full-time, and have had short works featured in minor publications.

But despite the praise I’ve received over the course of many years, I haven’t taken any of it seriously until now. Customer service has taught me one very valuable lesson: I love impacting other people. And while I’m able to on a small level as a paralibrarian, I know from personal experience just how life-changing and influential an author can be.

I want nothing more in this life than to change others the way I’ve been changed by some of my favorite literature.

This blog will be run solely by me, with all original content (or properly linked/credited content), and copyright-free images, to showcase snippets of my work, pose abstract questions to my audience, and to help other aspiring novelists to perhaps see something in a way they’d never imagined before.

So, please, sit down, relax, enjoy some tea as you read. And don’t skimp on the criticism– as much as I love to teach, I love to learn.

Thank you.



Carina Nebula image courtesy NASA
NASA Free Resources
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One thought on “about the author

  1. Rob McShane says:

    Thanks for popping in and for the follow! Will visit again soon… Good luck with all your plans. 🙂


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