Untitled RA: Poem I

This is to be the first of multiple poems featured in my upcoming novel, called for now “Untitled R.A.”

This, as all other works posted here unless otherwise noted, is © me, this blog, S.Rae Meisinger and is not to be reposted, recreated, altered, or used anywhere else without permission. Contact me for more information if you would like to use it.

Constructive criticism always welcome.

We used to sit together under stars with spiderwebs of connection in our eyes,

now we sit alone in the light with spiderwebs in our minds,
and spiders on our hearts, biting hard until they dry,

blacken, wilt, and mummify.

We fill that desolate chamber with the corpses of our thoughts,
constructing and standing on porches built to rot.

There we squat, in a putrid fortress of “I will not!”

But I wish you would, and so will you

when we can recall what our intellects could do,

and will do
and still do
and cannot be forced not to
because we cannot be subdued
with only spiderwebs to cut through
and the power of not one, but two

or three or five or one million and one.

Because what’s been done can be undone-
spiders’ threads can be unspun.

Soon we’ll sit together under stars with the web of connection in our eyes.

Just remember: we’re suited to be the spiders, not the flies.
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